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How To Analyze A Property As Strong Or Poor Investment?

Real estate investment analysis is one of the core jobs of a real estate agent. Spotting a real estate deal has become easier with technology. You have different tools, such as social media, mobile apps, and different other ways to spot a real estate deal. But finding a profitable deal, one that can help you move ahead in your journey of becoming one of the best real estate agents in Atlanta, is not an easy task.

Finding a good real estate deal requires you to conduct a real estate investment analysis. Variousreal estate coaching classes and webinars are arranged by Platinum Real Estate regularly to help aspiring real estate agents learn this art. To make it even simpler and easier, I am listing some ways you can use to analyze real estate in Atlanta and classify it as a strong or poor investment property.

Gather Property Information

The first step of real estate analysis is gathering all the required information, such as its location, its historical occupancy rate, its income generation capacity, etc. All these factors contribute directly to the purchasing price of the property and indirectly to a real estate agent’s income.

Some of the best real estate agents in Atlanta adopt this practice of analyzing a property’s profit potential before partnering with a client in order to work only on the best possible deals. This eventually contributes to their real estate success and helps them establish their identity as a progressive real estate agent.

Play With The Numbers

When analyzing the profit potential of real estate in Atlanta, it is important that one calculates price to income and price to rent ratio of the property. These ratios provide you an idea about the affordability of property, which impacts the buying probability of the property. Properties with a higher affordability rate are likely to be sold quickly saving you time and hassle.

In addition to this, there are numerous other metrics that you can use to analyze a property as a poor or strong investment, such as gross rental yield, capitalization rate, etc. The easiest way to learn how to calculate these ratios is to attend real estate coaching classes or learn from the best real estate agents in Atlanta.

Use Social Media Analytics

Social media has transformed the way real estate industry operates today. Just like marketing and prospecting, social media can also be used to conduct real estate analysis. Social media platforms like Facebook and Google+ offer advanced analytics which can be used to determine the reach of a real estate advertisement. Properties with more hits or likes are likely to sold at a higher price, and therefore, offer a better profit generating opportunity to best real agents in Atlanta.

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