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Why Instagram and Facebook are More Useful for Atlanta Real Estate Agents than LinkedIn and Twitter?

Instagram became one of the fastest growing social networks in 2014 and in 2015, it also became a major advertising hub for organizations. Talking to a colleague in Atlanta real estate market, I realized that worldwide famous brands hire ordinary people with extensive fan following on Instagram to advertise their products in the best possible ways. This is why we see young girls sipping branded herbal tea and claiming it as a source of their weight loss on social networks.

Considering this example, I concluded that media including pictures and videos can result in unexpected benefits for your Atlanta GA real estate agents. I also deducted that broader connectivity and the art of sending one message to hundreds or thousands of people with similar impact can do wonders for your business. On the other hand, we have ‘text’ based social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn which are completely dedicated to brand promotion but may not make as big a difference for Atlanta GA real estate agents as Instagram and Facebook may do. You could also buy organic instagram followers and see growth.

Here are different ways to benefit more from Instagram and Facebook.

Behind-the-Scene Realities and Facts

During years of experience in real estate in Atlanta Georgia, I have met home buyers who informed me that they searched the property on Google Maps to see how it actually looks like. People also prefer home buying and selling websites which contain ‘real images of properties’ because they want to know what is behind the scene before spending more time on a property.

No matter if you work for residential or commercial real estate Atlanta, you can simply capture a few pictures of the available properties and post them on Instagram and Facebook to attract more buyers. Avoid posting stock images.

Trick the Algorithms

Facebook’s algorithm keeps on changing but the human psychology remains the same. When you post an image from a non-Facebook platform to a Facebook newsfeed, it remains on the top of the news feed for a longer time. Increased time automatically increases the chances of making an impact. Simply put, link your Instagram account with Facebook and start receiving more buyers of residential and commercial real estate Atlanta.

Mini-Scripts and Short Videos

As explained earlier, both Facebook and Instagram can be used to advertise Atlanta real estate. Pick the best images of available houses, edit them professionally, create a tempting video, write a quick mini-script and post it on these social networks. You can easily advertise 50 houses in a video of 45 seconds only. If you are tech-savvy then try using Hyperlapse feature of Instagram.

Create Genuine Testimonials

Social media has shaken up trust factor. Text testimonials are no longer trusted by the audiences but you can attract Atlanta real estate market by creating genuine video testimonials. You may also share genuine profiles of buyers and sellers on consent.

Connect in-Person

Your followers want to know the person behind business. Show your personal side by sharing personal photos and photos from seminar or event that you participated on these social networks.

Above all, take advantage of hashtags, connect with more people and businesses and revamp your Atlanta real estate business policies on the basis of feedback of your followers.

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