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What’s Better: A Suburban Detached Home or An Atlanta Townhouse

From selecting a neighborhood to buy your first home to deciding whether you should hire a real estate agent, you will be required to make a number of decisions in your home-buying journey. To make your home-buying endeavor a bit less stressful, I have written this article that will provide you a brief overview of what kind of home will suit your lifestyle better — a townhouse or a detached home.

Townhouse vs. Detached Home — What’s the Difference?

To make a decision regarding what kind of home you should buy in Atlanta real estate market, you should first know the fundamental differences between a townhouse and a detached home. Luxury Townhouses for Sale are built in a row and each townhouse shares at least one wall with an adjacent townhouse. Detached homes, on the other hand, do not share walls with any other home. As a result, they are more spacious than townhouses and usually have a small yard as well.

Townhouse vs. Detached Home — Budgetary Considerations

If you a small home-buying budget, a townhouse will suit you better as they are significantly lower in price than detached homes. The reason behind this is the larger area of detached homes and also the greater sense of privacy that comes with living in a home that’s detached from neighboring residences. However, since Atlanta real estate market has a very diverse housing inventory, you should be able to find a detached home in your housing budget as well.

Townhouse vs. Detached Home — Maintenance Needs

If you have a hectic work schedule, you may want to buy a townhouse over a detached home in Atlanta real estate market. Since a townhouse has a smaller yard as compared to a detached home, mowing the lawn or shoveling snow should not take a lot of your time. If you cannot base your decision on only this factor, there is always the possibility of hiring a snow removal service of course. If you hire someone to take care of this it no longer becomes a factor, leaving you free to base your decision on the other factors listed here.

Townhouse vs. Detached Home — Resale Value

Resale value is an important factor to consider in all kinds of real estate transaction. If you’re looking for a way to maximize your investment in a property, Townhouse Construction is the solution. Whether you plan to move into a new home after a couple of years or you plan to live in your new home for a long time, it is important that you make a real estate decision that offers you a good ROI. Since detached homes experience better price appreciation than townhouses, you may want to choose them. This is particularly important to consider if you are planning to buy a condo townhouse. Owners of condo townhouses do not own the land. Instead, they share common areas with other condominium owners. Therefore, the resale value of a townhouse is not as lucrative as a detached home.

This quick but useful comparison of the two options should help you make a decision. To learn more about buying a townhouse or a detached home in Atlanta real estate market, you may contact me on my website. To get more tips and tricks, please read my blogs on Platinum Real Estate and Luther

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