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What the Top Listing Agents Do To Get More Listings

When the inventory is low in the market, sellers enjoy a growing or a recently earned equity and finally get into the position where they are able to take a sign of relief after being drowned in mortgages. Nonetheless, some may stick out for a premium sale price. On the other end, home buyers have to face a huge shortage of homes in majority of the markets and may make significantly competitive offers on homes just to prevent losing it to other bidders. Visit to browse all real estate listings.

This is a market that presents an umpteen number of opportunities for listing agents; but the question remains: how do you find more and more home sellers?

The following is what tip listing agents do to get more listings:

They look for expired & withdrawn listings

A good listings agent searches the MLS for homes that were previously listed but weren’t sold. A lot of homes fail to sell because they are seen as being overpriced. Does its last list price appear to be reasonable today?

Chances are very high that the market has picked up and the owners have realized the recent condition of the market. If you want to get more listings, get in touch with the owner and express your desire to help them sell their house, while the sale being profitable for them. You may also offer them a 1% Listing Commission for each listing you will make for them.

They capture contacts at open houses

Open houses provide an excellent opportunity to real estate agents to meet new home buyers. Have you ever thought that these buyers could also become potential sellers? I always tell real estate agents who come to my training sessions to not dismiss the fact that many of these buyers would probably sell the home they currently have to purchase a new one.

Doing PR at open houses is an excellent way of capturing contacts and getting more listings.

They explore rental listings

Think about situations in which a property owner might want to rent out their home: it could be a job transfer or a divorce. Whatever the case, majority of them decide to rent it out because the market cannot support their asking price.

This is when, instead of listing it with a real estate agent, they decide to ‘ride it out’ for a few years before deciding to sell again.

This is a great opportunity for listing agents: call them up and let them know how the market has changed and why it is a good idea to sell their house now.

They find empty nesters

Successful real estate agents filter their data using sources like and focus on larger properties containing 5 or more bedrooms or an area greater than 3500 square feet – or even 2 story homes purchased almost 2 decades ago.

Why? A possible reason is that a couple may have bought such a home when their children were young and growing up. Now with the children having moved out, the couple might be interested in downgrading and shifting to a more convenient property. Go help them with this transition!

If would like more information on how to become a top listing agent by working with Platinum Real Estate, feel free to visit or My personal email is luther(dotted)ragsdale(at)platinumrealestate(dotted)com or call 404.513.5677.

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