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Using Social Media to be a successful Real Estate Agent

How to Use Social Media to be a Successful Real Estate Agent

Real Estate agents are one of the best off-line marketers in the society today. They have good interpersonal relationships with their clients, they are involved with their community, and are up to date with the happenings in their industry. While all these are plus points, most real estate agents never truly use social media to enhance their business.

That’s what separates the best most successful real estate agents from the rest. To be a top-notch estate agent, you need to be comfortable with the social aspects of the online community as much as you are in person, so that you can use the online world to your advantage. Social media is an effective marketing tool that allows you to get in touch with clients and prospective buyers, and that too for free, so you should make it an important part of your marketing strategy. In the beginning, people are often afraid to buy views from a provider such as, but once they buy it, it stands out along with the best investments they have made for their business.

Here are a few tips that’ll show you how to use social networks to your advantage.


Twitter is a social networking site that gives you 140 characters to express yourself and stay connected to your clients. Use this website to enhance your relation with your followers. Here a few things you should do on twitter to market yourself better.

  • Tips Tweeting

    A good way to develop your reputation among your clientele is showing them how responsible and caring you are. Tweet tips on how to stage their homes to impress potential buyers and post links to good articles that have tips on home maintenance. These antics will give your clients and potential buyers the impression that you care for their well being.

  • Tweet What’s Happening in the Neighborhood

    Twitter is a good place to tell news and share the latest updates in your area. Tweet any new developments such as a hospitals being built in a neighborhood or parks being renovated etc. This interest more buyers.


This is one social networking site that lets you develop interpersonal relationships not only with your client but also with their families and friends. Being a large social networking site, Facebook gives you an opportunity to increase the number of your clients. Here are a few tips that will help in this process.

  • Set Up A Page On Facebook

    Use your personal Facebook account for all things personal and don’t mix it with your professional life. Using your personal account will give the impression of an unprofessional, laid back attitude. Also, there are certain limitations with your personal account that are overcome with your business Facebook page.

  • Set Up Contests

    Contests are a great way to make your page engaging. The more engaging your page, the greater the chance that people will visit it and get to know about your services and experience in the field. Your contest can be of all types but make sure they have a relative connection to real estate so that you don’t miss out on the marketing part.

The key to any business is great relations with the customers. Customer relation is even more important in the real estate business. Using social media will help you make them even better ensuring you stay successful as real estate agent. For more great information on how you can become a multi-million dollar producer join me for my upcoming FREE workshop May 30, 2015. Even though the entire event is free you must register by visiting my website

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