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Use your real estate website to grow your business

How to Use your Real Estate Website to Get More Clients

I always teach the agents I coach that top real estate agents know that success in the field depends on your online presence. Your online presence through your website proves vital when it comes to attracting new customers or informing the previous ones about newer services. We are assuming that you already have a website and your presence online exists. Although if you still plan to design your website or redesign the existing one, contact Scepter Marketing for design solutions. This piece is designed to give you specific strategies that’ll help your business flourish and let you market yourself and your services effectively.

Localized Content

Your website should have content that is localized. Such content will be helpful to the home buyers and sellers. Buyers and sellers, especially the first time ones, tend to spend a lot of time researching and going through content before actually buying. This research process will be facilitated by your localized content.

Your content should be localized and about the areas that you cover. It isn’t necessary for the content to be selling service oriented, general content such as fun facts and stats about the areas. Places that you should visit are all good quality localized content which will cater to people trying to choose an area to settle down.

Get the Reviews Rolling

You need to encourage your clients to review you and your services. These reviews can be listed on the sites they tracked you from like,, Truilia, etc… or get posted directly on your own website which is the best. Shying away from asking for a review can be a waste of a good opportunity to get word of mouth publicity. Any positive feedback email or phone call you receive, request them to give you a review on the site you are listed to help promote your website.

Testimonials are another way that you can enhance your reputation among your current and prospective customers. Attach the best testimonials to each service that you have received from your client. Reading a testimonial helps the visitor develop some trust on your services.

Receptive Web Design

Advancement in technology means that websites are no longer just viewed on computers, instead they are accessed to on mobile phones and other gadgets. This means that your website’s design must be responsive to keep up with these changing demands. At Platinum Real Estate we offer quality. Custom, responsive site for our agents.

A Receptive/Responsive website design means that the site changes its design as the size of the browser alters. People might however argue that responsive websites can be costlier to design, so why is this investment not a waste? Websites, especially businesses, need to have a responsive design. Apart from higher conversion rates and increased sales, it will give your website a fresher look. Not to mention the fact that your customers will love that your website is easily accessible from any type of device.

The key to becoming a successful real estate agent is always staying on your toes and being ready to pounce. This is true even for your website, merely making a website won’t get you visitors, you need to get listed on search engines and update your content frequently so that it proves to be a useful tool for marketing. For more great information and to register for my upcoming Million Dollar Producer workshop May 30, 2015. Visit our website at If you would like more information on taking your real estate career to the next level contact me at luther(at)platinumrealestate(dotted)com.

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