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Top Areas in Atlanta To List Homes

Atlanta is increasingly being seen as the city to be in, in terms of residential properties and homes especially. And this holds true for houses being purchased for both, residential as well as investment, purposes. Let us check out some of the most sizzling neighborhoods of the city in terms of value addition on investments as well as the ideal place to bring up the kids.

o Adair Park

By and large, many, if not most predictions regarding the best locality to purchase a house in Atlanta just happens to be Adair Park, with many other neighborhoods in the vicinity not been particularly far behind.

This is partly due to the relatively low crime rates as well as the fact that median sales prices are not still so high that they would be out of reach of the average house buyer, and on the other hand, most residential properties in Adair Park are also netting around the 94 percent mark on average, in terms of list prices.  This makes it a great place to purchase a property for investment purposes, since the owner can rest confident in the knowledge that the value of their investment is only bound to increase with the passage of time.

Many otherwise first time home buyers have been effectively priced out in terms of more well-known neighborhoods. Adair Park, on the other hand, is still pretty much one of the very last neighborhoods near downtown Atlanta where the prospective home purchaser is still able to find a relatively nice home for themselves in the $100k to $200k range.  Add to that the fact that it is very close to the rail station and many transportation costs are also easily taken care off and therefore people can commute to their workplaces, easily and conveniently.

o Capitol View

In terms of ‘hot hoods’ Capital view in Atlanta sure has all of its bases covered. The median sales price of a home in Capitol View is hovering around the 130,000 figures and what is more, properties sold in this locality are easily fetching a massive one hundred present of their overall list price, and even that is on averagebasis, at that. But then, it is not particularly surprising, considering the fact that this is a well-established neighborhood that has become well known for its low crime levels.

o West End or West View

The “West End” or West View in Atlanta, is another area that is looking pretty appealing to home buyers. In this round, up it is ranked third in the least, in terms of its overall popularity as one of the best neighborhoods to live in, at least as far as the city of Atlanta is concerned.

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