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Top 3 Free Real Estate Apps and Their Features

Recent technological revolution has significantly impacted the real estate industry, and today, the process of real estate prospecting and marketing is incomplete without the use of digital technology. Being the owner of a progressive real estate firm, Platinum Real Estate, use of digital technology in the real estate industry is my area of interest and I keep finding new ways to use this technology for my firm’s real estate advantage.

In the past few years, several app development companies have developed new real estate apps that are of great value to real estate agents who want to make their prospecting efforts more effective. In this article, I am introducing you to the 3 best real estate apps that are available for free online. Read the article and download the app with the most advanced features and start prospecting.


You probably already know that an app like Zillow exists and how much valuable it is to a tech-savvy real estate agent. Not to mention, it’s available for download for free and offers some advanced search filters.

The app categorizes the properties for sale into different listings, such as for-sale-by-owners (FSBO), foreclosures, rental properties, and Coming Soon listings. I have mentioned several times in my posts that expired and FSBO listings can be a great way for finding potential real estate clients, and this app offers something even more. With the Coming Soon listing, you can get an idea about future real estate activity in your locality and customize your real estate prospecting strategy accordingly.

The app also provides you an advertising opportunity, using which you can reach millions of Zillow users.

2. Sitegeist

I categorize Sitegeist as a real estate marketing app. It provides you all the information you need to identify your target market and develop a targeted real estate prospecting strategy. The app is available for devices with Android and iOS operating systems, and can be downloaded by visiting this website.

The core feature and function of Sitegeist is its ability to extract and present location-specific information. Using Sitegeist, you can get valuable information about your target market, such as their age distribution, the median home value in a particular area, average temperatures, etc.

3. Buffer

Since social media marketing has become an essential activity for real estate agents, apps like Buffer have become a necessity for agents who actively prospect and market on several social media platforms. Using Buffer, you can schedule your posts and set them for automatic posting at pre-defined intervals. It can be used for posting on all major social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest.

The app is available for Android and iOS devices, and can be downloaded by visiting this website.

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