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The Ultimate Guide to Staging Your Property

Looking for some helpful tips for staging a home for a quick sale?

We’ve got you covered!

Staging your property can be the difference between getting top dollar and sealing a compromised deal or worse, not being able to make a sale at all! It’s the ultimate trick to stay ahead of the competition and make your house stand out from the crowd of properties on sale.

To make sure your house looks its absolute best when prospects come in for a tour, you need to follow the following rules for staging a house for sale.

  1. Declutter as Much as You Can!

    This is perhaps quite obvious yet the most crucial step for staging your property.

    Remove all your personal items and get rid of clutter to make it easy for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the property. They’re most probably looking for a space that feels like home so make sure your property gives those exact vibes!

    You might need to do all sorts of cleaning, but to make things easier, a residential cleaning or a commercial building cleaning company can be a great help in that. Many of the things you find that are causing clutter, you will probably also find you can throw away. Call an industrial sanitation service to deliver dumpsters from dumpster rentals for you to deposit everything there, and then they will take it away. Having a dumpster rental or garbage bins in place is an efficient way for garbage removal and waste disposal. Disposing garbage and waste has never been this easy with the help of roll off dumpster rental services offering high-grade roll off dumpsters. This way you will be able to take care of this step quickly and easily.

    Things you’d want to grab include family photos, personal achievements, paintings, and any dated decoration pieces, cheap wall decoration (more info, more details). Make sure you don’t hide them in your closet because buyers may likely check that out.

  2. Light and Bright Look All the Way

    Typically, buyers want to see bright and spacious rooms. This is why lighting is an important front of staging your property that you can’t afford to stay back on.

    Make sure that you allow as much sunlight as possible to enter your house. Pull up your Affordable Blinds, open the curtains, and take care of your lighting fixtures. Clean all the bulbs or replace them if need be.

    Pro tip: the whiter the light, the more natural effect it gives!

  3. Rearrange or Rent Furniture
    The best way to make your house look bigger is by removing at least half of your furniture. An ornate teak lutyens bench takes up more space than you might think.

    Moreover, the pieces that stay should be in good condition. If not, you can always rent some new pieces to make your house look showroom-ready.

    While arranging the furniture, make sure all the couches, chairs, and tables are placed at a distance from the walls. Adding a rug can also help anchor the space. Aim for a cozy, comfortable, and organized look that invites the prospects warmly.

  4. Improve Your Property’s Curb Appeal

    As it appears, first impressions really matter with properties on sale as well!

    Your house should look good on the outside too or else many potential buyers won’t even bother coming in. A few simple improvements, like hiring a residential painting service to repaint the house, can help you bring them in large numbers!

    • Wash your house and clean the walkways
    • Clean the house tag to make the house number easily visible
    • Wipe the windows
    • Mow the lawn and trim the plants
    • Plant some colorful, nice-smelling flowers
    • Add a few pieces of furniture in the porch
  5. Go Room by Room

    If you don’t have the time or money to stage the entire house, start with the most important rooms first.

    Typically, your living room should be your top priority followed by the master bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. Extra bedrooms can be the last on the list.

    With these expert tips for staging a home for a quick sale, get ready to give your house an impressive makeover! You may also take help from a successful real estate brokerage company like Platinum Real Estate for additional tips and practical advice to ensure everything falls in place.

Ready, set, stage!

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