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The State of New Home Sales in Atlanta, GA

Today’s house hunter has no shortage of foreclosed homes which offer several benefits to the buyer. Foreclosed homes are not only cheaper as compared to other types of residential properties; they also allow the buyer to obtain desired inspections within the contingency period so if you’re interested then get started by looking at the foreclosed homes from However, despite all these cheaper real estate deals available in the Atlanta, GA, real estate market, buyers continue to show growing interest in new homes, specifically single family homes.

Even so, you might be looking for a new house or a single family home, one that hasn’t been lived in before. People looking for new homes will also find that there are different type of houses, and it is important to make a decision on the type or types they might be looking for. If you were for example looking for park models, you can safely rule out other perhaps larger types of homes that are considerably dissimilar. This holds specially try if working with a real estate agent. Telling him what to look for specifically will save a lot of time for everyone involved.

Likewise, confirming the state the house is in is quite important. This isn’t to say you should distrust at all time, but it is better to evaluate things yourself. Some house sellers will tell you the roof is in ok condition when by your judgement it requires a complete roof replacement, for example. In cases where you wouldn’t be able to discern the condition something is in, you can always call a professional to take a look for you.

I recently read a report published by the Wall Street Journal. The report summarizes several latest trends in the Atlanta, GA real estate market, such as new home sales, pricing of residential properties, and mortgage financing. One of the most important findings of the report is the increasing demand of new single family homes for sale.

New home sales in Atlanta, GA suffered a setback in June 2015 when they fell 6.8 percent within a month. This resulted in an adjusted annual sales of 482,000 properties compared to an expected rate of 550,000 as calculated by the Wall Street Journal. However, in 2016, good news awaits real estate agents in Atlanta, GA as the market of new homes is gaining momentum along with the broader Atlanta, GA real estate industry.

Atlanta, GA New Home Sales Increased in 2015

The recent data released by the Wall Street Journal shows that 2015 proved to be a good year for construction companies and real estate agents dealing in newly constructed homes as new home sales saw a climb of 25.5 percent from a year earlier. The year-over-year comparison was for the period of September 2014 to August 2015.

Overall, a total of 14,125 new properties were sold during these 12 months, up from 13,855 compared to the last year. The increasing demand for new homes in Atlanta, GA was also reflected in increased prices of the new real estate projects. The average price of newly constructed homes experienced a 5.1 percent surge on a year-over-year basis. Average price for new home was reported to be $332,882 per unit sold.

New Real Estate Developments in Atlanta, GA

The low housing inventory of Atlanta continues to impact home prices in the region, and in my opinion, the trend will continue for at least a year. However, with developers and home builders busy adding to Atlanta’s housing supply, real estate agents in Atlanta, GA will be able to close more real estate deals this year. Over 50 new residential projects are already in the construction phase or being discussed with the planning and zoning departments of the region. Some of the most notable projects include:

A 28-storey Midtown apartment tower proposed by the Hanover Company

A 38-storey building at 14th and West Peachtree streets proposed by the Related Group

A 350-unit apartment community near the Perimeter Center

These new real estate developments provide the real estate agents of Atlanta, GA a great opportunity to close more real estate deals this year and earn revenue. It’s time real estate agents prepare themselves to welcome this Atlanta, GA real estate boom.

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