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The Art of The Sale: Flipping and Wholesaling Properties in The Real Estate Market

If you really have the appetite for it, then you could get into the real estate and the real estate investing game. This means that you can invest your surplus cash reserves in real estate flipping, i.e., rapidly buying and selling property so as to make the proverbial ‘quick buck’. Alternatively, you can also engage in real estate wholesaling. Before start in real estate is important to stop and ask yourself if you know what is a turnkey property and the benefits you can get from it.

Did you know that more and more people are looking for custom homes? This is information you have to know if you are looking to get into this business. If you are looking to become a custom home builder, you’ll have to consider what potential buyers are looking for, and what you can do to make a house you are looking to sell more attractive to them must be your top priority.

Wholesaling is when an investor enters into a negotiated contract to buy a property that he has done his research on and has his eye on for being undervalued (and therefore easily flippable). It is important to understand that this contract will go through a summary inspection period and once the contract has been executed, then it will result in the selling of the rights of the contract to another real estate investor for a pre-determined fee or percentage (depending on the specific clauses in the contract).

As a matter of fact, many experts tend to think that such a wholesale flipping contract is considered to be a far more formalized relationship when contrasted with the more traditional ‘lone wolf’ investor— someone who invests only once and then does not wish to repeat the same investment for whatever reason.

This is because the former basically allows multiple individuals to pool their expertise and resources for a common purpose. In this form of property investment, it is not required for the eventual buyer of the property to sell it as soon as possible. He may also sit on it until he is able to earn what he had always been seeking.

This is why it very important to understand that the ‘wholesaler’ is different from the straightforward property flipper, and he may look at it from the longer term perspective.

This is because such an individual is not only looking for properties for the purpose of flipping them. In fact, they are also actively scouting for high income properties and have the wherewithal to sit through lean periods and wait for long-term appreciation of the properties they own.

As a matter of fact, this is precisely why such wholesalers make ideal clients and customers for the inveterate flipper who wants to offload his property as soon as possible.

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