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A Quick and Easy Guide to Finding a Home that Suits Your Lifestyle

Are you a rehabber or do you prefer elegant designed dwellings with all modern-day amenities? Do you prefer the detached, serene lifestyle offered by a townhouse or you want to be a part of a community? Are you looking for a home in a hustling urban neighborhood or searching for a detached property in a small town?

There are so many questions to answer and options to consider when it comes to buying a home in Atlanta. From determining the type of property to buy to its suitability to your lifestyle and housing budget, the sheer complexity of the project can leave first-time homebuyers overwhelmed.

To assist you in your home-buying endeavor, I have written this quick post that lists down all the factors you must consider when searching for the ideal home.

  1. Geographical Preferences

    When selecting a neighborhood, most people only consider its proximity to their workplace or access to quality healthcare and education. While you can’t overlook these considerations, it is equally important to determine the suitability of a particular neighborhood for your lifestyle.

    Do you want to live near the ocean? Or maybe you prefer living in a house with a forest nearby? Ideally, you want to select a neighborhood that offers you the perfect balance of modern amenities and visually pleasing surroundings.

  2. City or Country?

    If you can’t bear the thought of staying at home on weekends, find a home in a city, preferably in the downtime area. On the other hand, if you totally despise traffic noise and want to enjoy a peaceful lifestyle, begin your home search in a rural area.

  3. Outdoor Living Space

    Townhouses and detached properties that have a spacious yard are suitable for families with children or for individuals who like gardening or enjoy any other outdoor activity. On the other hand, if you don’t mind compromising on outdoor living space and are looking for more budget-friendly housing options, you should consider condominiums.

  4. Lifestyle and Maintenance Considerations

    Another important consideration of buying a home in Atlanta is the maintenance needs of the property you are looking to buy. Homes with spacious yards offer you an opportunity to enjoy recreational activities with your family and friends, but they also require more maintenance. So, if you have a busy lifestyle and you spend little time at home, you may want to buy an apartment or a condominium that requires less frequent maintenance.

    As far as lifestyle goes, there are things to consider. Do you own a car? Do you drive it daily, to go to work perhaps? Does the house have a garage or will you be parking your vehicle out on the street every night? That might not be a great choice depending on the neighborhood for example. If it does have a garage then that’s a big plus in that properties favor. Take a look at the state of the driveway. The paving might find itself in need of a new coat of seal coating, as usually that’s reapplied every 3 to 5 years. These small things are worth noting, as they might become a deciding factor if you have a couple properties in the running and can’t quite make up your mind.

    As for the garage, if you are going to be coming and going daily perhaps consider installing garage door openers if it doesn’t already have one. Visit midwest garage builders website, they will have everything you need to take care of this there. Getting home and pressing a button to open the garage is far more comfortable than getting out to open the garage door manually. Often you’ll leave your car running too, at great risk I might add. On the other hand, some people decide to use the garage for something else altogether. You can play music there, and you’ll probably want to install acoustic panelling products so as to not disturb the other members of the house or your neighbors. If you do that you won’t have to worry about the repetitive noises that can result from learning a new instrument or practicing a new song.

With all of these above considerations in mind, you should be able to find the right home to suit the needs, preferences, and lifestyle of your family. Need more help with searching and buying a home in Atlanta? You may contact me on my website or read my blogs on and Platinum Real Estate to get more tips on home buying.

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