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Purchasing a Home Around the New “Sun Trust Park” in Cobb County

Purchasing a Home Around the New “Sun Trust Park” in Cobb County

Real estate in Atlanta is currently experiencing a massive boom, thanks in no small part to the brand new ‘SunTrust Park’, which is the new home of the Atlanta Braves. There was massive uncertainty and some controversy surrounding the stadium, and how it will affect residents living in its vicinity. I had predicted that the new stadium would have a positive effect on real estate values of homes and neighborhoods nearby, and that is proving to be true. Ever since work on the new stadium finished, it sparked a rise in home values that were located near the stadium.

The park’s external distinguishing feature is its raised roof. Highly reputable structural engineering services were hired to overlook this feature and ensure the safety of this structural steel erection. As such, it is a sturdy feat of engineering capable of withstanding anything thrown at it with ease. The materials and steel sheets were provided by a well-known stainless steel distributor, which is what gives it its weight and sturdiness. Thanks to this addition the park is widely known and recognized easily.

The parking lot is spacious and has a generous capacity. As with everything else within it is brand-new, with the asphalt having received a fresh sealcoating just recently. It makes for a smooth drive as you look for a spot, and with the easy to distinguish markings you won’t forget where you parked your vehicle.

I have been in the real estate industry for more than 27 years, so I know exactly how the market responds whenever there is renovation or new projects become a part of the landscape. The rise in home values surrounding the stadium hasn’t come as a shock to experienced realtors, and according to the Lowcountry real estate team data has shown that homeowners are willing to part with their homes to cash in their investment. There has been an increase of 13% of newly constructed homes being sold in the past 6 months near the stadium, with a median price $450,000. Exterior renovations Edmonton can even help you with home remodeling ideas to add curb appeal to your home by forming a driveway. If you want to build a porch, then do so with the help of porch builders. This will help increase your home value.

The SunTrust Park Spark Increasing Home Values

There can be no denying that the SunTrust Park has contributed directly to the increase in home values, but there are other factors to account for as well. These include the restaurants, the upscale residential space, and the live entertainment venue at the Battery Atlanta. No wonder that it manages to attract big crowds, as the entire community is buzzing long after the Braves have had their game. One of the best places to purchase a home around the New Sun Trust Park in Cobb County is ‘The Battery’.

It has already been named as ‘The South’s preeminent lifestyle destination’, and SunTrust is planning to build a craft brewery and Omni Hotel. Metro Atlanta is experiencing high demand, since there are new people moving into the community, and that results in rapidly increasing home values. There are plenty of reasons why you should be looking to purchase a home here, since The Battery is a three-planned apartment complex that will overlook SunTrust Park.

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Entertainment Value that Exceeds Expectations

One of the best things about The Battery is that it will allow people to watch a show at The Coca-Cola Roxy Theatre, step in to work at the 700,000 square feet of office and retail space, or grab a slice at Antico Pizza. There are three pet-friendly apartment communities, which are named as Flats, Parkside, and Residences. These will be known as the ‘Home at The Battery Atlanta’.

April is going to be the month when the residences community will be opening, while Parkside is expected to open in May, with Flats following suit in July.

The Residences

There will be 81 apartments in Residences, which will overlook the epicenter of The Battery. There will be a rooftop bar, TV gallery with wrap-around balcony offering views of SunTrust Park, and a lounge. It will cost you around $1,885 to $3,830 a month.

The Parkside

There will be 211 homes in Parkside, offering an exclusive clubhouse experience with majestic views of the ballpark. They will be located on the main street of The Battery, and adjacent to the central plaza of SunTrust Park. These homes will feature a swimming pool built by the best swimming pool contractor, along with an entertainment center, and it will cost you around $1,225 to $4,305 a month.

The Flats

There will be 239 homes in Flats, offering residents access to a clubhouse with a viewing bard, a gourmet kitchen, a cyber café, fireplace, 7′ billiard tables, outdoor storage units and a swimming pool. It will be in the shopping district of The Battery, and monthly cost will be from $1,355 to $3,030.

If you want to learn more about purchasing a home around the SunTrust Park in Cobb County, check out my YouTube page, and visit today.

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