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Need Remodeling Tips? Consult Your Smartphone

More home owners are turning to technology to help them plan and complete their home remodeling projects, according to a study by companies Inc., a cloud-based application provider in home improvement.

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Home owners are increasingly turning to their smartphones for information and inspiration, the study finds. Twenty-seven percent of home owners surveyed say they’ve used their smartphones to help with a remodeling project like new fencing styles. What’s more, 40 percent say they plan to use their smartphones to help guide them in future remodeling projects including bathroom remodeling as well as kitchen remodeling.

“This dramatic increase in smartphone use to help with remodeling is driven by a variety of changes: greater use of mobile devices, a need of home owners to get better results from their remodeling investments, and better apps,” says Dan Fritschen, founder of “Mobile devices are a great compliment to the PC. Smartphones enable regular and frequent communications that are critical to improving collaboration between home owners and contractors.”

Some of the top things that home owners report using their smartphone or computer to find are remodeling design ideas such as a kitchen remodel or even different bathroom remodeling services cost estimates, names of remodeling contractors, and to conduct research on products and services.

Source: Planese

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