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How to List More Properties in Buckhead, Georgia

The housing market in Buckhead, Georgia is always hot, and if you’re working as a real estate agent in this region, you are expected to have a good time this year. The region’s proximity to some of the best schools of Atlanta, the lushness of its landscape, and recent high-end real estate developments are likely to play a significant role in the growth of Buckhead’s real estate industry in 2016.

So, whether you’re offering your services to the residents of Tuxedo Park or you’re located in Collier Hills, you will be required to work a little harder and longer in order to outpace your competitor real estate agents and list more properties this year. To help you with task, I am sharing some tips and tricks which will help you attract more clients and list and sell more residential and commercial properties in 2016.

1. Gather and Analyze Data to Select Your Geographic Farm

Real estate industry is becoming increasingly data-driven, and if you don’t have timely access to relevant, accurate market data, you’re likely to lose a number of potential clients and million-dollar real estate deals. Therefore, begin by gathering real estate data of the area you’re interested in. Determine the last year’s house sales, average sales price, and purchasing power of your target population to select an area that offers more lucrative real estate opportunities.

On the basis of the data you have gathered and analyzed, select your Buckhead real estate geographic farm and use different farming techniques, such as cold calling, flyers, mail outs, etc., to make yourself the preferred real estate agent of Buckhead, Georgia. By doing this, you are ensuring that the residents contact you to list and sell their properties in Buckhead, Georgia.

2. Offer Something Valuable to Your Clients

The best way to convince clients to list your properties with you is to offer them something valuable that your competitors don’t. For example, you may offer them free comparative market analysis (CMA) services which involves comparing the last two or three similar properties sold in the area recently. You may also help them compare different financing options so that they can select the one that offers financing at the lowest interest rate.

Offering these value-added services makes the client realize that you’re working for their benefit and if they list their property with you, they will get a better return on their investment.

3. Use Effective Prospecting Techniques

You can use a number of techniques to attract clients and get more listings. What’s important to determine here is that not every technique works effectively for each real estate niche. Once you have determined your Buckhead real estate niche, such as commercial, residential, or luxury real estate, you should use a prospecting technique that best targets your audiences.

For example, social media marketing may work well for residential sellers and buyers. On the other hand, you will be required to choose a more direct prospecting technique, such as cold calling or email marketing for high-end real estate investors.

To conclude, in my opinion, the secret to listing and selling more properties lies in consistent hard work. It is important that you farm and prospect daily to establish your identity as the preferred real estate agent of Buckhead to get more listings.

To learn more, keep reading my blogs on Platinum Real Estate and Luther You can also download my free eBook on “Social Media for Real Estate Agents” to learn the tips and tricks of finding real estate listings through social media marketing. I am also looking forward to see you in my upcoming million dollar producer workshop. For more information visit

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