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How to Get More Real Estate Listing Leads

The first few months in the real estate industry are the toughest. Networking with other Atlanta real estate agents, finding real estate investors and sellers, and securing the first listing might seem to be impossible tasks initially, but with determination, hard work, and proper guidance, things get better gradually.

With my extensive experience, both as a real estate agent and as the CEO of my real estate brokerage firm Platinum Real Estate, I have developed an understanding that finding more real estate listings and leads need a proactive strategy. Instead of being reactive to a clients’ call or a real estate listing, you need to step out into the marketplace to get more real estate leads. In addition to this, you should find a real estate mentor and follow her/his tips and tricks to secure profitable real estate deals.

To assist you in finding your first real estate listing, I am listing some tips that you can use to expand your network and get in touch with prospective real estate sellers and buyers.

Find Real Estate Leads at Open Houses

Many real estate agents assume that open houses are attended only by prospective buyers and their agents. As a matter of fact, often times, these buyers are willing to sell their current property to buy a new, bigger one.

When attending an open house in your locality, network with buyers. Ask them questions like, “are you willing to sell your current home?” and “do you have a real estate agent?” These short, simple questions might get you more real estate listings in a hassle-free manner.

Look for Real Estate Deals in Expire Listings

One of the most overlooked parts of any Atlanta real estate website is expired listings. Many real estate agents believe that expired listings were posted quite a long time back and they have nothing valuable to offer.

If you prefer using innovative ways to get more real estate leads, expired listings can be the perfect way for you to conduct a profitable real estate transaction. Know the reason behind why a property is still there. Maybe the owner placed a high value and, as a result, couldn’t find buyers. Regardless of the reason, offer them your expertise and save the day!

Use Social Media to Find Potential Clients

Social media has expanded the reach of real estate agents to high-potential markets with a large number of real estate sellers and investors. Leverage the power of social media to find real estate leads. Identify targeted keywords, such as ‘Atlanta real estate’, ‘property in Atlanta’, or ‘home for sell in Atlanta’ to find qualified leads.

Some of the social media websites you can use to find more real estate deals include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

So, use these tips and improve your chances of finding real estate success. To learn more, you may attend my workshop on January 23rd 2016. To register, click here.

Also, to learn how to use social media to get more real estate listings, download my free eBook “The Viral Noise- Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents”. You can find the eBook on

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