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How to Convert Open House Visitors into Real Estate Leads

The primary purpose of an open house is to get potential buyers interested so that you can convert them and then make the sale. If one were to know about House Buyer Network, this process would be expedited. And while it is not always easy to close a sale, you can actually benefit a lot by hosting an open house. We do it regularly at Platinum Real Estate and it never fails us.

So, I am sharing some tips and tricks that we use at Platinum Real Estate to convert open house visitors into real estate leads. Use them and extract maximum benefit from this innovative real estate prospecting method.

1. Invite neighbors

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to increase your lead numbers which you can then try converting later on. At the end of the day, your aim should be to bring in as much traffic to your open house as possible. And while neighbors might not be interested in buying a home at this moment, you never know when they might need an agent sometime in the future. Now might be the best time to establish a great relationship with them. It will be easy to get these people through the door since most people are curious to look inside houses anyway.

2. Welcome everyone who enters

With my over 25 years of Atlanta real estate experience, I have learnt that the key to convert visitors into leads is to make them feel at home. Be as welcoming as possible so that you can make your guests feel comfortable. When people are on the hunt for real estate agents, they want someone with a great personality who they can work with easily. If they are not comfortable with you, then chances are that they will never be able to get in touch with you again.

3. Hand out a free report

You as an agent should already be well aware of what the real estate market is like. You should therefore make a free report to hand out to your guests. They will definitely find the information valuable. Additionally, the report will have your contact information, name, and picture on it for your target market to remember you with.

I keep posting articles on latest happenings in the Atlanta real estate industry on my blogs on Luther and Platinum Real Estate. You can use the information to create a report that contains valuable information for your prospective clients.

4. Make the most of this time

Once you have welcomed all your visitors, you need to make the most of the time that you get with them. All of these are your potential clients, and if they like the work that is being done, then they will most likely want to approach you in the future. It is easier and definitely faster to develop a great relationship by speaking to someone in person as opposed to talking to them over the phone or via email.

5. Present them with other options

There may be a lot of people coming in to your open house who might not be serious or interested in buying this property. However, this does not mean that they will not be interested in any other listing either. All you have to do is present them with all the options that they have. Other than this, you should listen to people discuss with each other different topics and then make your own suggestions to get them interested.

In most of the cases, every person will be interested in hiring an agent at some point in their lives unless they decide to sell fast. Some companies can buy your house as it is. I learned and I believe they are doing great job. Make sure that the open houses you conduct are worth their while. Organizing an open house requires time and efforts. To make your efforts and time worthwhile, download my eBook on “Luther Ragsdale Step By Step Prospecting System”.

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