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Get Inspired By These On-Trend Offices

Whether you’re hoping to help a commercial building shine, looking for some inspiration to spruce up your brokerage’s digs, or just love well-designed office space, Inc. magazine’s round-up of the coolest Executive Office Space Rental places of 2016 is way more fun than pencil-pushing.

Unsurprisingly, each of the ten offices Inc. profiled from around the globe included amenities that cater to the needs of tenants such as adding water coolers and coffee stations. So if you’re looking to explore a certain type of bonus or attraction to add to an office such as this ergonomic office chairs, learn from these award-winning developers and designers.

Create a space that’s true to a company’s purpose. Etsy’s new office not only features handmade artistic creations in the decor, but also offers a craft room for employees.
Inspiration: Etsy | Brooklyn, NY

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Entering a new global market? Consider highlighting local design, which is what happened when Airbnb hired a local architecture Office Planning firm to create a new office space that included details such as traditional ventilation blocks reminiscent of those used in local housing projects.
Inspiration: Airbnb | Singapore

Flexibility is the new normal. We’re moving beyond simple sit-or-stand desks; employees often want the ability to choose the right position for the task at hand. And it’s not just personal space; the main conference room at Gensler’s East Bay branch has moveable glass walls and massive drapes that can transform the space.
Inspiration: Gensler | Oakland, Calif.

Looking to accentuate a beautiful view? Sometimes just clean windows aren’t enough. Try getting custom home windows, surrounding unique portals with a living wall to highlight and connect with the vista beyond. Take a look at Versare for more options.
Inspiration: Uniplaces | Lisbon, Portugal

Shipping containers offer endless possibilities. When Rapt Studio turned an industrial building into a multi-tenant campus, they used one shipping container to create a cafe, and another to house bikes tenants can borrow for short rides to the shore.
Inspiration: Make | Carlsbad, Calif.

Source: The World’s Coolest Offices of 2016, Inc. magazine (Sept. 12, 2016). 

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