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Creating A Successful Listing Plan To Be A Successful Real Estate Agent In Atlanta GA

believe all real estate agents should understand that people don’t simply buy listings; in fact, they buy lifestyles. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your listings are marketed in a way that portrays lifestyles and explains to the people how they will benefit from a property.

I have outlined a few tips to help you get your listings plan right.

Create Strong MLS Listing Descriptions

The majority of leads will discover your listings through the multiple listings service or MLS. This is why it’s crucial to write descriptions with a punch. Even though there is a limitation on the scope as well as the length of the MLS descriptions. Include the notable features together with an explanation of how they will benefit the buyer. Don’t forget to include pictures to show the qualities of the property from unique angles.

Optimize Listing Campaigns

If you want to attract qualified buyers online through search engines, it is necessary that you carry out keyword research. There are numerous ways in which you can figure out what your target audience search for. After identifying the key phrases, insert them into your landing pages and marketing copy.

Get Incredible Listing Photos

Photos add great value to listings. They are the very first means of generating interest among your potential clients. But any pictures won’t do. You need to make sure the photos are of the highest quality. Get familiar with the secrets of snapping beautiful property listing photographs, both with natural and artificial lighting.

When possible, go for a professional photographer. If on a budget, you can try and learn the few tips and tricks from the pros.

Include High Priority Listings on the Website Homepage

Quite often, leads that visit your website give a quick glace to the offerings on your home page. Take advantage of this and showcase the priority listings on your homepage so that they grab the attention as soon as someone visits the website.

Use Email to Inform Leads of Listings

Email must be a part of your listings plan. If you want to succeed as a real estate agent in Atlanta GA, you will have to attend to the individual needs of your prospects by sending them information of the latest listings based on their selection criteria. This will show that you care and understand their needs.

Create Landing Pages to Get Lead Information

Landing pages are a crucial ingredient of any listing marketing plan. You need to have contact details of your leads if you wish to provide them with the latest listings.

Create a landing page that asks the prospects to provide their contact details so you can be in touch with them. Make sure you ask if they are interested in selling or buying a property.

If you would like more information on how to create a successful listing plan, then consider becoming a member of my coaching program at Platinum Real Estate. Feel free to visit or My personal email is luther(dotted)ragsdale(at)platinumrealestate(dotted)com or call 404.513.5677.

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