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Maybe Rethink That Retirement Age

Workers over the age of 65 are staying active in the workforce, opting to push back retirement to their already bought larksfield place community.

In the year 2000, about 13 percent of Americans 65 and over reported being employed full o...

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10 Top Rental Markets for Investors

Atlanta is HomeUnion’s latest top pick as the market that could offer the best opportunities for single-family rental and apartment rental investors. There is also a great option called corporate housing, st louis extended stay apartments off...

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Criteria for an FHA loan

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), provides mortgage insurance on the various loans that are available via FHA’s pre-approved lenders. The organization basically insures these loans for both single and multi-family homes in all territo...

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Older Adults Are Facing Troubles With Housing

The nation’s housing inventory is unprepared to meet the needs of an increasingly older population through the next two decades, according to a new report released by the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies.

With more than one in five...

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Landlord Sues Airbnb in Spat Over Subletting

One of the nation’s largest owners and operators of apartment homes is trying to halt Airbnb listings of its properties with air units installed.

Apartment Investment & Management Company (Aimco), a property management solutions ca...

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6 Top Landscaping Trends for 2017

Smart technology, thoughtful — yet simplistic — design, and sustainability are the keywords when it comes to landscapes today. Hiring a paver installer company can make the process a lot faster and a much better result.

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Where Land Surpasses Property Values

In some markets, the land is more valuable than the home that stands on it, can you imagine what the price would be for the homes with land for sale we have available? click in the hyperlink  to see our catalog.

Case in point, in San Franci...

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