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Buying a Home in Atlanta? Find Answers to Most Commonly Asked Questions by Homebuyers

Buying a home, particularly your first home, is a thrilling experience. It’s the biggest investment decision most people make in their life. Therefore, you are bound to have plenty of questions about buying your first home in Atlanta real estate market.

So, to make your home buying process a breeze, I have compiled a list of questions most commonly asked by homebuyers and have tried to answer them in an as easy and as straightforward manner as possible.

1. How much can I afford?

There’s no definite answer to this question. How much you can afford will depend on your income and your financial obligations and how much you will have to invest after the purchase, for example if some roof replacement service or plumbing service is need. For roofing repairs, you can try Bondoc Roofing. Enter this information in a Home Affordability Calculator (you can easily find one by a quick Google search) to know how much you can afford. This is an important first step because if you see houses you love that are outside your budget, you will feel disappointed. So, partnering with a real estate agent is important to get a pre-approved home loan and avoid setbacks in the home buying process.

2. Can I sell my current home and buy a new one at the same time?

This is a tricky question. To do this, you will be required to add a clause about ‘sale contingency’ in your contract. A sale contingency means that you buy a home only when you can sell your existing place. This way, you do not have to rent a place in case you sell before you buy a home and vice versa. You can also take benefit from projects such as a new flooring or having air conditioning services you hire add hvac to the house you plan to sell in order to earn more from the transaction.

How can I know if buying a certain property makes a good real estate deal?

No one can predict that a particular property is a bargain and that its value will appreciate after some time. However, an experienced real estate agent can study Atlanta real estate market trends and dynamics and provide you a general idea about whether property prices will increase or decrease in the future.

4. How many homes do buyers see on average before they make an offer?

This varies from person to person. Some people find their dream home on their first day of home search, while others spend months finding the ideal place for their family. There are two tips that you can use to stay motivated during the home buying process – first, do your homework, know what you want, browse through listings online to get an idea of property prices; second, focus your efforts on a particular neighbourhood.

5. What if I skip the home inspection?

Well, this will save you some money, but I strongly recommend every buyer to get a professional home inspection done in order to identify any major repair issues. While you can easily detect chipped paint and leaky faucets, determining the condition of the roof and the hvac and plumbing system requires specialized expertise, you might need a roof replacement and not know, a residential hvac services company can inspect the whole system and make sure it runs smoothly.

There’s a few key areas a home inspection would cover that you wouldn’t be able to assess properly yourself. What is the state of the plumbing for example? The previous owners can say it’s in any kind of condition; only an inspection can determine this for sure.

Skipping the home inspection could lead to avoidable issues further down the line. Not necessarily a dealbreaker, but perhaps something you could have caught ahead of time and prevent something bigger. A residential air conditioning installation that is professionally done will last a long time running in good condition, but how long has it been? Has it been serviced regularly by a professional air conditioner repair service? These are important questions to answer about air conditioner concrete pads, or they could turn into emergency expenses you’ll have to cover on your own without much warning. Professional residential air conditioning services will help you with your hvac troubles and repairs.

Without a home inspection you’re not going to be taking a look at the roof, and that could cause leaks at best and structural water damage at worst. If that happens you can hire a water damage restoration service to help you, so it’s something you can have the pros fix. Hiring them for prevention and regular maintenance would be preferable, naturally.

If you decide you do want to evaluate the roof, then be sure to contact a reputable roof repair company. They should be able to take care of the issue and bring yourself back to a point where you can keep an eye on things and catch things early again. Working up there can get risky, don’t chance it yourself. A residential roofing company is the best way to go when repairs are needed.

If you have more questions about buying or selling a home in Atlanta real estate market, you may contact me on my website. To get more tips and tricks about home buying and selling, please read my blogs on Platinum Real Estate and Luther

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