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Biggest Reasons for the Failure of Real Estate Agents- a Must Read For Atlanta Real Estate Agents

The real estate business has unlimited potential but there are certain common mistakes which the Atlanta real estate agents make and face their downfall. Let’s have a look at those mistakes and how they can be easily rectified.

Not Being Financially Stable Before Joining the Real Estate Business

We all know very well that it takes immense time and effort to start and run a business in the initial days. Hence, you must have some savings to live on for a while before you start flourishing as an Atlanta real estate agent. Those who quit their jobs without enough savings and join real estate are forced to give up this business because of extreme financial burdens.

Trying To Manage the Business with a Full-Time Job

Many people start the real estate business as part-time work. What they need to understated is that clients are in constant need to interact with their agents, view different houses and need information on all the latest developments. When your clients only get your attention after 5 pm, they’ll become irritated and disinterested in your services. I always tell my part time agents to partner with another Platinum agent so if they can’t show property the partner can.

Chasing False Claims

There are many companies out there who try to sell leads or tempt you about ad spaces on the first page of Google. They can be very convincing and you invest in them as you think that only one commission of yours will pay for this service. But in most of the cases, the quality of internet leads are not very high and it would be much better for you to make calls yourself or visit your clients in person. There are many agents who exhaust their marketing budget by opting for such online lead generating services.

No Database

The database of an Atlanta real estate agent is their most valuable asset. Hence, all real estate agents must keep a complete database of potential clients, past clients, and business contacts. This database can be used for sending letters and emails to different events. Hence, if you’ve been too busy to create your database, get it ready instantly and use it as a significant tool in your marketing strategy. At Platinum Real Estate we offer semi-custom website too our agents that have a great CRM system and data base.

Lack of Training

Good initial training is mandatory to become a flourishing Atlanta real estate agent. Hence, if you’re new at this business and you’ve got no idea how to crack a deal, get training, and coaching using my proven systems and programs.

Sacrificing Your Clients’ Needs for Heavy Commissions

The client should always be the first priority for an agent. You may find yourself dealing with situations when a deal is about to fall apart due to many reasons such as, the appraisal being low, expensive buyers’ loan, a major fault found during the buyers’ inspection and so on. In such cases, an agent must always consider the best option for their client and put their own commission on the backseat. Such an attitude will generate a great word-of-mouth for you and many potential clients will contact you shortly.

We hope this guideline will help the Atlanta real estate agents in avoiding these common mistakes and create a prosperous career in the dynamic real estate business.

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