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Best School Districts In GA

If you are a parent and you have school age children, then choosing the best school district is a pretty big deal indeed, to say the least. As a matter of fact, many parents prioritize the education of their children above all else and therefore, ask their real estate agents to help find them a house in any of the best school districts in GA.

Apart from that, there is another very real reason due to which you should consider purchasing property in one of the best school districts in GA. This is because, in the long run it is almost certainly bound to pay off dividends once you tell your real estate agent that you are putting your house on the market. After all, houses in the best school districts in GA tend to attract a higher premium than their counterparts in other districts and localities. Let us check out some of the best school districts in GA.

o Buford District Schools

When it comes to selecting some of the best school districts in Ga, then ‘Buford City Schools’ undoubtedly sits amongst the very top of the list, in GA. The town of Buford itself, is home to approximately 13,000 people. The average median income of the residents of this town hovers around the $48,638 mark. Although Buford is really a pretty small town indeed and boasts of a grand total of only four different schools that cater to grades PK up till K-12, but nevertheless, the town is big on education and their standards are well above the national average with a cumulative 90 percent graduation ratio.

o Decatur City Schools

Located in the city of the same name i.e., Decatur, Georgia. The ‘Decatur City Schools’ also figure quite prominently on this list as wells. The town of Decatur consists of approximately 20,000 residents and the average income of the people here is $63,117. The actual school district consists of seven different schools, that range from PK all the way through 12th grade with well over 40000 enrolled students, altogether. The national graduation ratios is 82 percent or so, but Decatur City Schools boast of a ten percent increase over and above this national average with a 92 percent graduation rate overall.

o Oconee County Schools

Located in the Watkinsville Township, GA, the Oconee County Schools consists of a network of ten schools that are found in Oconee County. The place is relatively small with a population consisting of only 33,000 residents altogether. However, the smallness of its size does not really stop it from being pretty much one of the very best school districts in GA. While the national school dropout rate is 1.9 percent, the overall dropout rate of the Oconee country school district is a mere 1.4 percent overall.

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