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Best Areas in Atlanta To Purchase a Home

Just about everybody simply wants to get the best value for money, irrespective of what they wish to purchase. Especially, considering this could be one of the most important financial decisions of their lives i.e. purchasing a house for themselves in an up and coming city like Atlanta.

There are multiple factors to take into consideration once you have made up your mind to purchase (or even rent) a home in Atlanta and many of them include different aspects of the neighborhood as well as the actual house itself. These may include the overall affordability of the place (in terms of purchase value as well as annual maintenance). Then one has to take into consideration the availability of various amenities such as schools, transportation nodes (bus stops, railway stations, airports, taxi stands, etc). And last but not the least, the overall safety of the place in terms of crime. Based on the above factors, here are some of the best neighborhoods in Atlanta, as per many real estate agents who operate in this city:

o Mid-Town Atlanta

In terms of safety and amenity this area is absolute tops. It boasts of a large number of shopping as well as entertainment centers (with the more popular ones being ‘The Vortex and Mary Mac’s Tea Room). And best of all it is relatively affordable to many other upscale housing areas with the median household income being all of $81.5k per annum, and the average house here costs 350k or so.

o Cabbage Town

The somewhat colloquially named “Cabbage Town” is slightly less expensive than Mid-Town with the average house here going for around 210k, approx. While it does not have as many amenities as its Mid-Town counterpart, but nevertheless there are quite a few well known recreation hotspots in Cabbage Town as well. (Little’s Café as well as Carroll Street Cafe, to name a couple).

o Ormewood Park East Atlanta

This locality is slightly more expensive than Cabbage Town with houses being available in the 222k price range. Not exactly the richest locality in all of Atlanta, but not the least expensive one either. However, there are few amenities within a one mile radius and add to that the fact that higher prices, means more affluence, which in turn attracts the somewhat more unsavory characters of society. This is why this locality has more crime than the others mentioned before.

These are just a few localities in Atlanta. But just about all the neighborhoods in the city are going through a steady increase in prices, thanks to the fact that the city itself is a veritable magnet for high earning individuals from all over the country.

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