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Benefits of Selling Properties inside the 285 Circle

Benefits of Selling Properties inside the 285 Circle

I have lived in Atlanta for almost 30 years and I realize that the Atlanta market will always be a great place to live and purchase real estate. The city of Atlanta is just like any other metropolitan city in the world – with its own share of uptown and downtown areas that reflect the two extremes of a society. Naturally, the real estate market in Atlanta reflects massive diversity. This makes it possible for everyone to find a perfect property according to one’s requirements and financial limitations.

The real estate market of Atlanta is progressing steadily, expected to grow at an average rate of 6% to 8% over the next five years. Although Atlanta took a considerably long time to recover from the effects of recession, it is nevertheless recovering now, stabilizing the period of decline.

Some areas in Atlanta have been highlighted as the most promising regions from an investment point of view. The 285 circle tops the list!

The 285 Circle – Why Is It of Interest to the Real Estate Agents in Atlanta?

The 285 circle represents a major portion of Atlanta’s high end commercial real estate and business district. Connecting major portions of the city and the interstate highways, the 285 circles holds massive value in the eyes of real estate enthusiasts. It is not only one of the most planned and organized regions in Atlanta; it is also one of those that hold massive strategic importance from the viewpoint of traders, investors, workers and others.

Infrastructural Developments

Less known is the fact that there are a few infrastructural development projects currently underway near the 285 circle in Atlanta. The project in question here is anticipated to be complete in 2017. It is being built with the purpose to make it easier for the northbound and southbound traffic to crossover at the interstate. This will further add to the value of properties located in the vicinity, opening the windows of opportunities for numerous business set ups.

It is at the Heart of the Atlanta Business Center!

Indeed, the 285 circle is home to numerous businesses of all kinds. The properties in this area value at a higher average price given the ease of access to every possible amenity. There are several residential projects underway as well, helping the city to accommodate the rush. On the whole, the properties in this region are likely to increase in value, presenting a lucrative opportunity for real estate investors and home buyers.

Selling Properties inside the 285 Circle

Selling properties inside the 285 circle is amazingly easy. As a real estate agent in Atlanta, you need to be well-versed in the art of selling properties and delivering value for all parties involved. All you need to do is market the property in the right manner – the rest will follow automatically. From listing the property to identifying the potential buyer and from sifting through the bids to finalizing the deal, real estate agents in Atlanta are responsible for all real estate needs!

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