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Atlanta’s 5 Best Neighborhoods Based on Walk Scores

If you’re ready to make an investment in Atlanta real estate market and buy your first home, it is important that you pay special attention to the selection of the neighborhood. Distance from work, availability of amenities, law and order situation, and quality of life, there are a number of factors that you will be required to keep in mind to select the right neighborhood to live in with your family. In addition, there’s one more way you can determine the best neighborhood to buy a home in Atlanta – the walk score.

Walk score refers to the walkability of an area. It’s calculated on the basis of various factors, including climate, crime rate, infrastructure, and more. Based on walk score, the top 5 neighborhoods of Atlanta are:

1. Midtown

Walk score: 84

With a walk score of 84, Midtown remains the most walkable neighborhood in Atlanta. The estimated population of this locality is 17,000, which means that the streets are neither too crowded nor deserted. So, you can comfortably take a stroll down the street with your family without the fear of being mugged. Plus, there are plenty of places to visit as well, including Atlanta Botanical Garden, Alliance Theater, and more.

2. Inman Park

Walk score: 83

Inman Park is a small neighborhood with a population of around 4,000 people. So, the place is ideal for individuals who want to stay close to the downtown Atlanta but do not want to give up a suburban lifestyle. Despite its small population, Inman Park offers a number of activities and places to keep its residents entertained.

3. Old Fourth Ward

Walk Score: 80

As the name implies, Old Fourth Ward is one of Atlanta’s oldest neighborhoods. It has an estimated population of over 10,500 and is located at a convenient distance from Atlanta’s most famous shopping malls, restaurants, and parks. This means that you can accomplish your daily errands on foot and enjoy a peaceful lifestyle in the scenic surroundings of Old Fourth Ward.

4. Centennial Hill

Walk Score: 78

Home to Centennial Olympic Park and Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Hill is a quiet yet lively neighborhood that offers you easy access to all the amenities you may desire. In addition to being the 4th most walkable neighborhood in Atlanta real estate market, Centennial Hill also has a good transit and bike score, which means that you can accomplish your everyday tasks using any method of transportation that you prefer.

5. Home Park

Walk score: 77

Located at a close distance from downtown Atlanta, Home Park is quiet, small town that offers the perfect suburban lifestyle to those who prefer a tranquil, peaceful place. With a bike score of 85, Home Park is an ideal place for those who love to travel by bike.

These neighborhoods make the ideal home for individuals who love to enjoy a small, refreshing walk every morning or prefer to travel to their workplace by foot. To learn more about buying a home in Atlanta real estate market, you may contact me on my website. To get more tips and tricks, please read my blogs on Platinum Real Estate and Luther

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