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Background Information

Platinum Real Estate Enterprises, Inc is a full service real estate brokerage firm that provides a wide range of real estate services. Platinum assist our agents in buying single-family, multifamily, commercial and investment properties throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. It is a debt-free real estate conglomerate and a mega brokerage firm located in Atlanta, Georgia and founded in 1999.

Our Vision and Mission Statement

Our goal is to perform at the “Ultimate Level” by utilizing the most current technology, education, processes and systems in assisting our agents with building wealth and achieving financial independence by buying selling residential and commercial properties.

Platinum Agents are committed to an honest working relationship with their clients. The company demonstrates its focus by keeping clients well informed throughout the real estate process which includes locating property, negotiating win/win solutions, and closing the deal.


Empowering Individuals to take Control
of their Real Estate Business

Platinum Real Estate is a full service real estate firm specializing in assisting, training, and empowering real estate professionals build wealth by purchasing and selling real estate. We are committed to aiding YOU take control of your real estate business. We empower agents to retain all their earnings for themselves, and avoid involving third-parties and/or brokers and hence, paying commissions and other desk fees.


We believe in self-sufficiency, innovation,
and change!

Sadly, various elements in the real estate industry have erected barriers to allow such change. We want agents to be in complete control of their income, time, business, and not their brokers or some third-party. We know how YOU and various agents are tired of sharing 10% -70% of their hard-earned commissions with broker and other involved third-parties. We know how some individuals do receive 100% commission but are not accorded broker support, coaching, and education to empower them to expand their business.


Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you don't see a question here, feel free to email us at careers(at)platinumrealestate(dotted)com, give us a call or text us at 404-994-4600 for GEORGIA and 844.917.4443 for FLORIDA.
We'll be happy to answer any question you have!

We believe It Is Unfair

We have borne witness to the way the internet, a recession, and competition, has completely revolutionized almost every industry and every sector of the economy. As a result, the old model of real estate — where the broker controlled the MLS and the broker itself was the only person responsible for providing most of the new prospects to the agents — has eroded.

Now buyers can easily search for new homes on their own online. Hence, the individual agent, YOU, can control more and earn more if you have the right system in place.

We want the individual agents to receive a bigger share of the pie, and if possible, to have the complete pie! We want YOU to be paid in turn for YOUR hard effort. We want you to have a new system to increase your income using our proven system.


100% commission but are not accorded broker support, coaching, and education to empower them to expand their business.


We offer full broker support by phone, email and text messaging at all times!


Weekly training provides you with the tools and resources you need to run your real estate business.


The Platinum model will allow you to earn more than $63,000 annually part-time or $127,000 or more full-time.




At Platinum we provide all of the resources of the large national real estate firms and the care and nurturing of a family. We believe in quality education, one-on-one coaching and broker support. Lastly, we are committed to helping you build a successful real estate business through our revolutionary commission plan(s) keeping more of your hard earned commissions in your pocket.


Committed to helping you build a successful real estate business through our revolutionary commission plan(s) keeping more of your hard earned commissions in your pocket.

Trailblazers in Real Estate Technology and Innovation Trailblazing in TechnologyThe Web site you’re viewing is just the latest in a long legacy of Platinum Real Estate efforts to apply the most up-to-date technologies for advancing the pursuit of the American dream–home ownership. The following section describe many benefits of doing business through and Platinum Real Estate’s many cutting edge technology resources. For Sellers and Buyers Showcase your home to a nationwide audience. When you list your house with Platinum Real Estate, your listing information becomes available to millions of buyers through We can showcase your home with multiple photographs, virtual tours and a detailed description of the home including amenities, special features, price and location. This value-added service costs you nothing. It’s simply another reason Platinum Real Estate makes a difference when selling your house. Potential buyers visit frequently. The power of the Internet enables to provide greater exposure for sellers to showcase their houses, and greater ability for buyers to find the homes of their dreams online. The site is updated daily with new listings and information about the buying, selling and financing process. In today’s global marketplace, more and more home buyers are from out of town. That makes a time-saving tool for relocating families.’s web search takes the customer’s search criteria and presents homes in the area they select the surrounding ones, exposing consumers to towns or homes they might not have found otherwise. This provides them with an easy way to preview homes thousands of miles away in preparation for their first house-hunting trip. Benefit from Platinum Real Estate’s proprietary web applications and databases that allow Platinum agent’s to retrieve web leads via text messages on their phones. So no matter how busy an agent may be in the field, they can immediately retrieve inquiries from potential buyers on a listed property. This provides expedient service to both potential buyer and seller. In addition to value added services for buyers and sellers, also provides a wealth of continuously updated information and resources free to you to bookmark, share and download. Your friendly Platinum professional can demonstrate how can get you fast results when selling or buying a home. Contact Us and we’ll tell you about all the other ways Platinum can serve you.

Each Platinum Agents receives a step-by-step business plan so you know exactly what to do to be successful. Luther Ragsdale will guide and advise in your journey to succeed.




At Platinum Real Estate, we do not focus on the masses. We believe in tailoring our coaching to the individual agent. Hence, we do not just operate with a classroom like structure still employed by various large nationals chains. Classrooms limit the amount of knowledge and experience that can be transmitted to agents, resulting in higher rates of failure.

When you join our team we will coach you on a one-on one basis and assist you to be successful in your real estate career. Unlike various mom & pop-operations lacking in structured training/coaching, and support, all of our training and coaching sessions are structured and backed by extensive support. We make sure that every minute you spend with us delivers value to you.

Our proven system have helped our agents become very successful and achieve their personal goals and retire, pay off debt, pay off homes, put children through college and much more.


Education Platinum Real Estate Academy is a accredited real estate approved by the Georgia real estate commission to offer pre license courses, post license courses and CE credits.


State of the art technology, Agent marketing portal, Online transaction system, CRM, Mobile friendly technology.



We offer Express closings and funding:
1. We will wire your closing funds to your personal or business account the day of your closing.

We have excellent broker support. You can get in touch with us anytime from Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm All questions will be answered or returned the same day. After normal hours, Sundays, or holidays will be returned the next business day. Test out our support team if you don’t believe us! Give us a call or text us today at: 678-855-8203.

OPTIONAL. Platinum Real Estate is a member of the Residential and Commercial board of realtors. As an agent of the firm, you have an option to join this board of realtors and expand your horizons!

No! No hidden fees are involved when you decide to join our firm.

Yes. There are no charges for our coaching, training, and educational offerings. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Read it anyway you want, but the truth is we do not charge a dime for these services.

Yes. There are no charges for our coaching, training, and educational offerings. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Read it anyway you want, but the truth is we do not charge a dime for these services.

The best part is that coaching and education is done by our broker/CEO Luther Ragsdale himself, who has over 27 years experience as a national speaker, is a bestselling author, and has coached real estate agent to earn close over 2 billion dollars in sales! You’re welcome!

3330 Cumberland Blvd., Suite 500, Atlanta GA 30339

Our corporate office is located at 3330 Cumberland Blvd. Ste. 500 Atlanta Ga. 30339.

We also have 41 other satellite offices in Georgia for our agents to use including Airport, Alpharetta, Atlanta, Buckhead, Conyers, Cummings, Decatur, Duluth, Johns Creek, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville, Lenox, Perimeter, Midtown, and Southside.

The PRE business model and training/coaching plan have evolved from witnessing the real estate industry go through various tumultuous events, including the recession and the online revolution. As a result, our model evolved from a deep sense of empathy towards the real estate agents, and the realization of how flawed and taxing the previous brokerage model has been.

As a result, PRE is ingrained with a deep sense of duty towards real estate agents. This is reflected in our culture that offers all the benefits of any large company in the businesses while offering custom, personalized coaching to give a small family feel to the learning environment. Inspired by the motto “learn to earn”, and our strong belief in professional integrity, we create CUSTOM plans to fit your needs, and we commit ourselves to assisting you with one on one coaching.

Platinum Real Estate is a full service real estate firm that specializes in assisting, training, and empowering individuals build wealth by purchasing and selling real estate. PRE employs a new real estate business model that aids individuals take control of their real estate business from brokers, and other third parties. We empower agents to retain all their earnings for themselves, and avoid involving third parties and/or brokers in their real estate deals, and paying commissions and other desk fees.

We offer one-on-one coaching as well as weekly training sessions for all our agents. Furthermore, all of our sessions are archived for later viewing. We have both online and in-classroom training sponsored by our real estate school which is approved by the Georgia Real Estate Commission.

- Our one-on-one coaching program is meant to assist new and experienced agents who feel they need a coach and plan to help assist them become multimillion dollar producer. Lead by our Broker/C.E.O. Luther Ragsdale, we have one of the best training programs in the industry!
- Our weekly online training sessions for agents are meant to allow flexibility of schedule and training. Regardless of your schedule or location, as an agent you can benefit from our quality weekly trainings.
- Our member area includes hours of archived training sessions that you can review at your leisure.

Yes. You can join as either. At PRE, we do not categorize or qualify an agent as part-timer or full-timer, we love all agents. We empathize. As long as you are willing to be ethical and follow the companies procedures we would love to have you as a part of our family!

Nothing. We do not charge any fees up front or start up fees when joining our firm. You can join anytime and pay nothing.

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