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A Few Tips on Buying A House for The Very First Time


When you are ready to buy a home for the very first time in your life, there are certain things that you should keep into consideration, such as consulting a property debt research company for a lien report search, so that you do not suffer from any sort of ‘post purchase dissonance.’ Some of the important points include the following:

Always keep well within your budget

Budgets, as we all know are very important indeed, especially when we are committed to one of the single most expensive purchases of our lives and that is, taking the decision to buy house and land packages. This is why it is absolutely imperative that we take the time to understand our limitations, even more than our financial liberty. In other words, we should not be dazzled by a house we like and end up purchasing it, knowing full well that it is beyond our means to do so.

If you were to do something like this, not only will you be saddled with chronic debt that you may not be able to pay off, but at the same time you might not be able to enjoy a lot of activities (vacations, luxury cars etc.) that you had hitherto been used to before. So always make sure you have a well-planned budget once you decide to purchase a house. Apart from that, you should also make sure that all post purchase, repairs and alternations are also included within the budget so that you would not need to borrow any excess amount from the banks and other financial institutions. You can check out auctions at to see if a property fits your budget.

Make a game plan beforehand

You should also aim to try and draft a really detailed and comprehensive ‘buyer’s plan’ that should contain all the most important information you have managed to gather while learning how to buy a house. Furthermore, you should also try your level best to properly educate yourself regarding the myriad different issues in terms of the overall implementation such a plan, while keeping in mind your core objective of finding your ‘dream property,’ at an entirely affordable price

This is an example of a rudimentary purchase plan that should be easy enough to follow:

  • Set the main criteria of the plan (such as number of rooms, with or without basement, pool, etc.)
  • Do your research thoroughly
  • Define the main strategy
  • Conduct your due diligence
  • Get an appraisal by qualified consultants in the real estate market
  • Fine tune the list of prospective properties that you like
  • Make sure that you have done all of your homework and finally
  • Make an offer that the seller cannot refuse

For any more information regarding the central importance of budgeting when looking for a house you can check out or log on to Feel free to contact me for all your real estate needs 404.513.5677 or luther(at)platinumrealestate(dotted)com

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