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7 ways to hone your Pinterest marketing skills for real estate

Technology really is changing the real estate industry. Taking your real estate business to social media can yield a larger audience than you’d have in the more traditional home sales routes, such as newspaper listings and websites.

However, Pinterest is often overlooked when it comes to social media, as many web users are in the habit of turning to Facebook and Twitter first, and then not looking into additional platforms (we get it — social media takes time).

Although those popular platforms are excellent in their own ways, Pinterest is also well worth your time. It is incredibly versatile and boasts a fun interface, which is admittedly pretty addictive to its users. Here are seven tips to help you maximize your Pinterest efforts.

1. Diversify

Although the obvious course of action is to create boards and exclusively post real estate listings, your pins should be far more diverse.

Some real estate agents have opted to create boards for home improvement hacks, interior remodels and helpful infographics for homeowners. Whatever you choose to add, Pinterest has a place for it.

2. Show the local perspective

This type of board is especially helpful for someone looking to relocate, who perhaps isn’t familiar with the local haunts.

Pins to restaurants, classes or local happenings can help them visualize their future lifestyle in their future city. You can even go so far as to break it down by personality type (foodie, outdoor adventurer, etc.).

3. Promote allied businesses

Create a board that aims to help people with the moving process while also promoting other local businesses.

Seek out packing and shipping solutions, professional movers, truck rentals, post offices, DMVs, locksmith and any other resources that you think homeowners might need.

You can even reach out to those businesses and discuss mutual promotions.

4. Appeal to sellers

You might not want to boast, but it’s important to let potential homesellers know that you have a solid track record when it comes to making a sale.

So go ahead and create a board to boast a little, and don’t forget to include your contact information in the description.

5. Invest in keywords

Pinterest recently decided to allow its users to buy keywords to promote their pins in the search results.

This means that you will be able to target and re-target more effectively in a relatively novel way.

6. Check your hashtag practices

Unlike Twitter or Instagram, hashtags don’t have quite the same effect on your pins’ visibility.

You can use them occasionally, as they’ve made their mark in everyday speech, but it’s best to focus more on keywords and concise descriptions as you pin.

7. Strive for consistency

Aim for consistency in a couple areas: branding and timing. As with any marketing, a consistent brand is paramount.

In Pinterest specifically, branding should be consistent, yet not too obvious or overwhelming on each image and description.

Remember: Pinterest is almost 100 percent visual. With regard to timing, it is a good idea to post new content consistently. That part is pretty easy, especially if you are re-pinning existing content to your boards.

Although Pinterest is an invaluable real estate marketing tool, it can become a bit time-consuming. You might find that pinning takes too much time from your workday or you might simply get drawn into the never-ending vortex of DIY projects and culinary masterpieces.

So rather than spreading yourself too thin, consider hiring a social media expert or delegating some of the tasks to an assistant.

Tess Pajaron is the community manager for Open Colleges in Sydney, Australia. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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