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5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes Every Atlanta Real Estate Agent Must Avoid

One of the common most ways to attract interested people towards for-sale properties is to place a sign board in front of the house. But have you considered how effective is this technique in the era when you can globally send marketing messages to thousands of people within microseconds?

While brainstorming about new effective mobile marketing techniques, I realized that the biggest mistake most Atlanta real estate agents make today is to completely ignore mobile marketing. Apart from directly communicating with the customers to create an impact, mobile marketing also comes with variety and more chances of better buy/sell deals than other marketing media. Here I have listed common most mobile marketing mistakes witnessed in Atlanta real estate market and worldwide.

Mistake #1 – Treating Mobile Customers and PC Customers Equally

Mobile market is completely different and unique from PC customers, as mentioned in this source article. Mobile customers want prompt and immediate action on call and expect quick responses and information sets on your websites and profiles. Unlike PC customers, mobile users neither want to download brochures or open PDF files nor do they want to open new tabs to gather information. Simplicity of information and delivery is the key to establish effective mobile marketing strategy for Atlanta real estate market.

Mistake #2 – Ignoring Mobile Apps and Social Media Connectivity

According to, the number of internet users on mobile phones has almost doubled since 2010. By 2018, more than 4 billion people will be using internet on mobile devices. As the reach is increasing and the market is expanding, it has become essential to find procrastinator’s tools to save time and send multiple customized marketing messages to different markets simultaneously. This is where mobile apps and social media give you relief.

Mistake #3 – Ignoring the Importance of Clear Call-to-Action

Among all types of audiences, mobile audience receives most information in least possible time which is why it is important to add clear call-to-action to motivate mobile audience to subscribe, convert into referrals, or help you achieve your business goals in different other ways.

Mistake #4 – Not Finding Useful People

Mainstream Atlanta real estate marketing involves referrals and prospects. But you can also convert mobile audience into referrals and prospects. Most of the useful people among them will not even require training. At the end of the day, nothing is more beneficial for real estate business than interpersonal relationships.

Mistake #5 – Not Putting Yourself in Customer Shoes

Professional Atlanta real estate agents deal with countless people a day. Burdens of professional dealing ultimately suppress their ability to understand what their customers actually need. A track of customer needs can help you evaluate top-selling properties of the market. The needs can be evaluated by brainstorming or gathering customer feedback via social media and social networking sites.

Avoiding these 5 mistakes is vital to improve your average daily sales and expand business.

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