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3 Best Practices of Cold Calling

With the introduction of newer real estate prospecting methods, many real estate agents are assuming that cold calling has gone cold. With my experience at Platinum Real Estate, I can safely assure you that cold calling is here to stay and grow.

While more contemporary methods of real estate prospecting, such as client referrals, expired listings, and inbound marketing, generate more viable real estate opportunities, it is important for every real estate agent to understand that cold calling is a valuable prospecting strategy that generates measurable results when used the right way.

Today, I am discussing some of the best cold calling tips to help you get started on your real estate prospecting journey. Use these tips and transform ‘cold’ calling into an introductory session with your future real estate client.

Tip No. 1: Know Your Prospect

Cold calling is much more than making random phone calls to a bunch of people. It’s a more targeted approach to real estate prospecting that involves a great deal of preparatory work. Start by gathering information about your prospects.

Social media forums, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, can provide you valuable information about your prospect. Know their likes and dislikes and mold your prospecting strategy and selling message according to your prospects’ needs.

Tip No. 2: Offer Some Unique

Understand that cold calls are never welcomed by the prospects. In order to keep them engaged and entertained, you must provide them the right kind of information that can entice them to learn more about your services.

Don’t begin with the traditional approach of “can we talk?” Instead craft a small interesting message that can compel them to listen more. For example, “We have what we think could be really valuable for you”.

Tip No. 3: Establish Trust

Remember that people are less likely to trust individuals who represent their company’s interest. While the basic intent behind the whole process of real estate prospecting is to find clients who are able and willing to sell their home, it is important that you recondition your message to make it sound interesting for your client.

Instead of telling the prospect about your services, let them know how you helped another client sell their home for a higher value. Or maybe you can quote one of your customers’ testimonials to make them understand that you’re there to help them. Regardless of the content of your message, make sure that you keep your voice tone warm and friendly.

Using these three simple tips, you can increase the lead-generation potential of your cold calling process. To learn advanced cold calling tips, you can download my eBook on “Luther Ragsdale’s Step-by-Step Prospecting System”, which is available at a discounted price.

To learn more about the latest real estate prospecting techniques, keep reading Platinum Real Estate and Luther Ragsdale’s blog.

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