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3 Best-Kept Secrets of Real Estate Prospecting

For many real estate agents, prospecting is one of the most difficult tasks that they must perform in order to make a living. The sheer thought of picking up the phone, having a conversion with an unknown prospect, and convincing them to get the services, makes many buyers agents Melbourne anxious. But let me tell you with my experience and knowledge that you can’t simply avoid prospecting.

Consistent real estate prospecting is essential for becoming a successful million-dollar real estate producer. However, it’s not as boring and as difficult as assume. When done the right way, real estate prospecting is an interesting process of meeting new clients and serving their needs in the best possible way. At Platinum Real Estate, I encourage my real estate agents to conduct this activity with all their heart and soul to get maximum results and to excel in their careers.

Today, I am discussing some of the best-kept secrets of real estate prospecting that are sure to make your lives easier and happier. Here are the top 3 of them.

Secret No. 1: Only the First Call is the ‘Cold’ Call

Making a phone call to a complete stranger and striking up a conversation with them is a dreading task, but very few real estate agents know that it’s only the first call that is the most difficult. Once you have introduced yourself, your company, and your services to the prospect during the first conversation, the rest is the fun part. However, many real estate agents fail to break through this first and only barrier, and as a result, end up sufficing on average real estate deals.

Secret No. 2: Consistency Makes It Easier and Effective

In order to be a successful real estate agent, you must prospect regularly. When you make it a part of your routine activities, you automatically get used to the activity and develop the skills you need to extract maximum value from your prospecting efforts.

Also, it is important that you do not allow any kind of distractions during your ‘prospecting’ hours. Dedicate a couple of hours exclusively to this activity everyday and you’re sure to feel the difference.

Secret No.3: Setting Short-Term Goals Boosts Your Motivation

Another common prospecting mistake made by many real estate agents is that they set unrealistic goals for their real estate prospecting strategy. While it is important you set higher targets and put in extra efforts to achieve them, segmenting the long-term goals into smaller, measurable targets is equally important. This way you can keep track of your progress and evaluate if your prospecting efforts are delivering the results you need or not.

Prospecting is truly an integral part of the journey of becoming a successful real estate agent. Develop the habit of daily prospecting and you can fulfill your dream of becoming a million-dollar real estate producer one day.

To learn the tried and tested real estate prospecting techniques, download my eBook “Luther Ragsdale’s Step-by-Step Prospecting System.”

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